Willonas Enterprizes Inc. Mission Statement

Willonas Enterprizes Inc. was formed in partnership between Billy C. Lonas and Marvin D Wilson, for the purpose of finding problems with the way things are done in the marketplace and creating new, better, simpler and better for all alternatives—especially much better for the consumers.

We endeavor to make the global marketplace a platform of truly free enterprise, where new ideas are given credit where credit is due, and where the consumers are treated fairly. We find it abhorrent that Big Business controls what products and services reach the consumers with such egregious self-indulgence.

We strive to make win-win-win situations, where the creator/producer is well compensated, the purveyors of products and services are also profitable (but not excessively so), and the consumers benefit the most. After all, without the consumers, there is no marketplace. For too long huge mega-corporations have abused their power and control, profiting to such excess that the consumers are being cheated while at the same time duped into thinking this is the only way possible to get what they want and need.

We are here to help. All products and services launched and operated under the umbrella corporation of Willonas Enterprizes will bring value to the producers and the consumers, with us taking a fair, but far from excessive percentage of revenues to keep our mission healthy and enduring.