We take old, weather-beaten wooden shipping pallets and fashion rustic, attractive looking wine racks out of them. Each rack has a wine glass hanging rack on the bottom, they are pre-drilled for wall mounting, come with drywall anchors and screws, as well as a hook on one side to hold a corkscrew.

Typical sizes are 36″ to 44″ wide, and 13″-14″ tall up to 17″-18″ tall, with a depth capacity to hold anywhere from 8 to 12 standard sized fifth bottles of a wine.

To place an order, email us at p4tp2018@yahoo.com. Prices do not include shipping and handling.

The different styles and models are shown below …

Our Basic Model.

A simple rack, wood lightly sanded, and finished with a dark, flat stain. Price: $45.

Our Basic Plus Model.

Each piece of wood is disassembled from the pallets, sanded smooth to the touch, and reassembled into wine racks. Basic Plus racks are finished with medium dark stain/semi-gloss polyurethane. Price: $65.

Our Fancy Model.

This rack is taller, and has a cep/shelf, convenient for holding candles, incense burners, flowers, knickknacks, etc. Price: $80.

Our Fancy Plus Model.

Same as our Fancy Models, but these racks have carefully selected face and cap boards, chosen for their exceptional rugged character and rustic patina. Price: $100.

“The Liqurio”

A whimsical piece, this rack is for wine lovers who also have a flair for the stronger spirits. In addition to the standard wine glass hanging shelf on the bottom, The Liqurio has as upper shelf to hold shot glasses and whiskey tumblers. Typical sizes are 24″ to 26″ wide by 24″ to 26″ tall. Price: $80.