Willonas Enterprizes Inc. is proud to own and operate Publishing 4 the People! We created P4tp as a whole new way of bringing new arts and talents to the comsumers. We are taking the power and money contol out of the hands of Big Business, and placing it where it belongs – with YOU, the PEOPLE!

Publishing 4 the People

To get the general idea, please read the Mission Statement for Publishing 4 the People.

Publishing 4 the People Mission Statement

We are a different kind of publishing company, in that we believe the artist and the consumers are more important than the publishing company. Other companies charge the artist to publish them and take their fee out of the royalties due the artist. The royalties paid are miniscule compared to what the publishing companies make. Surely most of you have heard stories of how some big name publishing companies have taken most of the monies owed to the artist they represent.

Unless you are an already well-known published songwriter or book author, or manage to get an agent who is in with the big publishing companies, they will not even talk to you. Why, you may ask? Because they have a stable full of writers that have signed a contract with them for a set fee. If they were to sign an unknown artist and that artist’s product sold a massive amount of copies, then their percentage would be less.

We all watch those TV shows that present vocalists and how they move up in the competition until one is selected as the winner. What happens then? Usually they are picked up by a big publishing/promotion company and they have to sing songs written by their staff writers. Guess who makes the most money on that deal? Plus, how does that help us, the people, to have an opportunity to hear even more original talent?

The small on-line publishing companies want the artist to pay them up front to publish their work and then do very little, if anything, to get the artist promoted, or the artist is required to pay more money for advertising. In our opinion, most of them are scams. Most of the money always goes to the publishing companies, not the artist, and certainly never to you, the consumer.

With all the talent out there and very few making it to us, the consumers, there must be a better way.

We have found it!

In looking at the normal way of publishing, we see an enormous problem. What is that? Consider this: what is the most important component of the publishing business? Is it not the consumers? Without the consumers, publishing companies make no money. Without the consumers, the artist makes no money. Yet the most important component of the traditional publishing process never makes a cent. Yes, you get a nice song or a good book, but wouldn’t you rather share some of the money that you paid for that product instead of almost all of it all going to the publishing company? Sure you would, and that is exactly how we are different. We, Publishing 4 the People, take a much smaller—miniscule by comparison—percentage of the product’s profits. Ten percent. Yes, you read that right. We keep one dime out of every dollar that is garnered, and are satisfied with that, pleased to be doling out most of the money to our artists, you, our valued Members, and worthy charities.

Every company needs good advertising. If they don’t advertise then they won’t be in business long. That’s true of any company, in any industry. It is also very important the company does what it advertises or it won’t be long before every consumer will know that the company is a scam.

What is the most time-tested and sure to work method of advertising?

Word of Mouth. Satisfied customers telling everyone they know about a good product, service, or company.

That’s where you, the people, come in. Publishing 4 the People needs your help, and we pay you to help us!

This is how we are unique from any other publishing and/or promotions company out there. You, our members, will become the second highest paid person in our business by helping us to advertise. Our members have the numerous opportunities to amass points and redeem them for cash. Thereby compensating the most valued component in any business—YOU!

You may be wondering who the highest paid person is? The artist or author for whom we are promoting in any given Art Lot. Isn’t that the right way to do things in the publishing and promotions industry?

Most up-and-coming artists or uuthors are busy in their lives. They are struggling. It is hard for them to have the time and freedom to work on their skill level and products. They need the resources (time and money!) in order to further their careers in the arts.

With your support, Publishing 4 the People will be able to publish and promote them in a way that they will be paid, and paid so well it will change the quality of their lives and the careers they dream of having. They can then use the money they were paid to quit their J.O.B. (Just Over Broke), and take the time and care to improve their product to the quality it deserves! Once they have improved their product, they may resubmit it to us and you the people for a better experience for all, for as long and as many times as they wish.

We hope this has piqued your interest. Please review our site for all the information you need to get started.

Log on now, to: Publishing 4 the People, and join a fast growing global community of people who want to make a change for the better!