Willonas Enterprizes invests in real estate transactions that are designed for win-win-win outcomes. We help people who own properties that for one reason or another are not useful to them, perhaps even a problem or a burden, and we offer to pay cash to buy them, in “As-Is” condition. This is the first “Win” – for the owners … they get to “trade in” a headache in return for a nice pile of cash, which in many cases makes a huge difference for the better in their lives.

We then find real estate investors who are motivated cash buyers of properties that they can do some repairs on, and then either sell the property for a profit, or retain as rentals and have the equity on the property as an addition to their investment portfolio. This is the third “Win” – for the end buyers in the transaction, because we keep our profits small enough to leave room for a large profit for the end-buyers. It’s only fair, the rehabbers have to do the work to transform the property into one that will fetch a top dollar price, so we honor and respect that, and do not get greedy in the deals. We go for small, fast profits, and structure the deals so that the end-buyers receive slower, but much larger profits.

Where is the second win? It’s in the middle, where we buy the property “as-is” from the owner, then we offer the property to the investor “as-is” – and so we make some money for putting the 3-step transaction together. We get the second “win” in the middle.

It’s as simple as A-B-C! If you have a property you would like to sell on a cash offer basis, or if you are an investor looking for some great deals, get in touch with us – we can help!

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