Thank you for stopping in. Here at Willonas Enterprizes Inc., we are focused on creating new and better ideas. We identify problems with how things are done in the world. We then find ways of doing them with methods that are creative, simpler … more beneficial to the consumers.

A prime example of this, is our first brain-child, just recently launched, Publishing 4 the People. Willonas Enterprizes Inc. saw an enormous problem with the way the existing publishing industry handles the arts. Countless little-known, struggling, but very worthy talents around the world never have a chance to be recognized. They are strapped to jobs for mere existence, and scarcely have the time or resources to pursue and perfect their crafts.

The solution was thought of, and made a reality by Willonas Enterprizes Inc.

Publishing 4 the People by Willonas Enterprizes Inc.

Publishing 4 the People is a win-win-win-win program. Allow me to explain:

  • The artists win because, at no cost to them, and without giving up any rights to their works, they are e-published and promoted, and get paid far more than they could trying the traditional pub house route.
  • The people, the consumers, win because they get fresh, new works of art from talents they probably would never have found out about, and they also get rewarded with cash prizes if they do a lot to help us promote the artists.
  • Charities benefit, because we give away generous donations to the organizations that the people vote for.
  • And yes, we, Willonas Enterprizes Inc., via Publishing 4 the People win also. However, unlike Big Biz Pub Houses, we only keep less than 10% of all revenues raised during the promotions.

Publishing 4 the People is just the first of many great ideas to come from us here at Willonas Enterprizes Inc.

Thank you again for dropping in, and I do hope you will drop over to Publishing 4 the People, check it out, and see what a brand new and better idea looks like and works!

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